“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word for a wheel. It is believed that we have 114 Chakras or Energy centres in our body. These Energy centres are located where the Energy channels meet in our body.

The tradition of Chakra balancing dates back to Vedic times, 1000’s of years ago. Today, these ancient techniques are reconnecting us to those times. Won’t we love to travel back in time and experience it first hand?

Today, more commonly known are the 7 main Chakras which are located along the spine. First Chakra starting at the base of our spine and the last one is on crown of the head. It is believed, aligning these 7 Chakras aligns your mind, body and spirit.

Each of the seven Chakras is represented by a colour, sound and element and relate to a different body part, body system and emotions. When all these seven Chakras are aligned, our body, mind and spirit works in harmony with each other

I myself have experienced some definite and amazing results of practicing Chakra balancing. I use Chakra balancing/scanning while performing Reiki on my clients.

I teach Self Chakra balancing in my Meditation classes. My students can also attend my Chakra Balancing workshops and learn to perform Chakra balancing on others. It is a wonderful energy healing practice that you can add to your existing practice including Holistic psychology, physical training, Reiki practice, Beauty therapy and so much more.

This is a non invasive way of treating others and the benefits need to experienced to be believed.

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