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What does the word Spa mean in Beauty therapy?

The most commonly known services Beauty therapy offers are services such as, make-up, nails and waxing etc. Yes, these are also a very important services Beauty therapy has to offer but there is more to Beauty therapy than meets the eye.

Beauty therapy is a vast subject and for one to be trained in all sigmaessays aspects to Beauty therapy, it will take 3 to 5 years of learning.

Beauty therapy offers range of services that include the most popular service waxing, nails, tinting, spray tanning, make up etc. The Spa stream however, offers a very Holistic approach to the Beauty therapy.

What is that you ask?

A healthy mind means a healthy body. Stress plays a huge part in ageing process and our overall health. That is why, spa stream in Beauty therapy, focuses on relaxation of mind as well as the body. The focus is on improving the superficial skin condition as well as de-stressing and relaxation. Visit to a Spa is a total mind, body and spirit experience.

Spa therapy, also known as Balneotherapy, has been used for centuries in many cultures such as; the Greek, Roman, English, Belgian, Native American, Persian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and many more.

The original concept of Spa is a place or pool of water that has therapeutic benefits. In the modern world, the benefits are made available to the clients in forms of body treatments including salt scrubs, body wraps, body masks, relaxation massage with aromatic oils, hot stone massage and many other wonderful treats.

At Chameyli, I like to use the same principals of this ancient therapy to bring you the experience of the modern day Spa. Total focus is on relaxation of your mind, body and spirit. Visit us and be spoilt, de-stress and feel good.

I look forward to welcoming you!